Key Takeaways:

  • Andrew Tate and his brother Tristen have been charged with rape and human trafficking
  • They were arrested by Romanian authorities in December 2022
  • Authorities have filed to confiscate several assets from Tate, including a stash of 21 Bitcoins
Social media influencer, former kickboxing champion and Bitcoin promoter Andrew Tate is charged with human trafficking.-Pic from Canva

YEREVAN ( — Controversial Youtuber, social media influencer and former Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion Andrew Tate could lose some of his crypto stash soon. Prosecutors in Romania have requested the seizure of various assets from him, including 15 properties, 15 luxury cars, and 14 watches. The filing also demands the confiscation of a 21 Bitcoin (BTC) hoard worth approximately $565,000. 

The request comes as part of an indictment against Tate, who is facing charges of rape and human trafficking. The Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism in Romania announced the case against Tate. According to authorities his brother Tristan Tate and two associates are all implicated in the same charges.

Andrew Tate & brother Tristen charged with rape & human trafficking by Romanian authorities. Bitcoin (BTC) worth $565,000 to be confiscated
Andrew Tate will see some of his wealth confiscated by law enforcement authorities in Romania

Andrew Tate, known for running Casinos among other business ventures, was arrested in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, in December 2022. While under investigation on allegations of human trafficking and sexual assault, he was held in a Romanian jail. However, since March 2023, he has been under house arrest. 

“It was noted that, at the beginning of 2021, the four defendants constituted an organized criminal group with a view to committing the crime of human trafficking on the territory of Romania, but also in other countries, such as the United States of America and Great Britain” the allegation states.

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Andrew Tate maintains he is innocent 

According to the indictment against Andrew Tate, the Bitcoin (BTC), maximalist influencer was involved in recruiting victims through the “loverboy method”. In trafficking language, it is a manipulative tactic that entices women and men into sex work through promises of love and marriage. 

Allegedly, Tate’s associates, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu coerced the women and threatened physical violence against them if they did not comply. Under pressure, these women produced pornography for Tate. Meanwhile, Naghel and Radu allegedly took half of their earnings from the popular adult subscription site OnlyFans.

Andrew Tate being escorted by Romanian law enforcement authorities. Video Credit: The Guardian

Andrew Tate and his associates have all pleaded not guilty. At least seven women fell victim to these trafficking crimes. The media team of the Tate brothers has maintained that the trial will prove that the allegations are baseless. 

“While this news is undoubtedly predictable, we embrace the opportunity it presents to demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation,” 

they said, according to the BBC. 

According to reports, the confiscated Bitcoins will remain with the Romanian authorities. However, experts believe the trial will last for years. The Romanian judge overseeing the case has 60 days to review all the evidence before the case goes to trial. 

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