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YEREVAN ( — Goldman Sachs, a leading force in global investment banking, has noted a significant increase in interest in the cryptocurrency market from its hedge-fund clients, according to Bloomberg. The sentiment is rising primarily due to the recent approval of cryptocurrency-related Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), leading to a heightened level of inquiry and activity in this area.

Bitcoin price chart
Bitcoin price’s performance after ETF launch. Source: Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs’ Strategic Dive into Cryptocurrencies

Initiated in 2021, Goldman Sachs ventured into the cryptocurrency realm by establishing a dedicated trading desk. This move was a nod to the burgeoning demand and potential of digital currencies in the modern financial domain.

Goldman Sachs provides cryptocurrency services, including cash-settled options for Bitcoin and Ether, and trading of their futures on the CME. The bank avoids direct cryptocurrency trades, reflecting a cautious stance in the digital asset space.

Its cryptocurrency services have attracted hedge fund clients, with growing interest from asset managers, traditional bank clients, and digital asset firms. Clients use these derivatives for investment, yield enhancement, and risk mitigation, with a strong preference for Bitcoin products. Interest in Ether may increase with potential U.S. regulatory approvals for Ether ETFs.

Goldman Sachs Boosts Crypto Engagement: Tweet by Jevgenijs Kazanin
Goldman Sachs Boosts Crypto Engagement: Tweet by Jevgenijs Kazanin

“It was a quieter year last year, but we’ve seen a pickup in interest from clients in onboarding, pipeline, and volume since the start of the year,” 

he said

Minton noted that clients are employing cryptocurrency derivatives to make strategic investments, boost their yields, and hedge against risks.

Beyond Trading: Pioneering Blockchain Applications

Goldman Sachs is not stopping at trading. The bank is at the forefront of exploring blockchain technology’s potential in tokenizing traditional assets. Goldman Sachs leverages its GS DAP platform and blockchain pilot tests to enhance connectivity.

The initiative connects banks, asset managers, and exchanges with blockchain technology to enhance the financial services industry’s efficiency and accessibility. It reflects a commitment to integrating blockchain into core operational processes, streamlining transactions, and broadening financial service capabilities.

Moreover, Goldman Sachs is channeling investments into startups critical to the digital asset market’s infrastructure, focusing on blockchain technology. These strategic investments showcase Goldman’s long-term vision for digital assets and its ambition to be at the helm of finance’s future.

“We have a portfolio and will invest if or when it makes strategic sense,”

Minton said

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