YEREVAN ( – American electoral politics have been dominated by two major political parties since the 1850s, in other words, shortly after its founding. However, the Democratic and Republican voters are now polarized beyond the comprehension of other democracies around the world.

Some Americans claim that they cut close family members out of their lives on the sole basis of their voting for the opposing party. Meanwhile, many Trump voters refused to acknowledge that he lost the elections to Biden in 2020 and said the game was rigged.

Now, as the 2024 election draws near, the country is split more than ever and faced with the same choice – incumbent Joe Biden, or the 45th President Donald Trump, who was among the few in history to leave the White House after only one term.

Is Joe Biden electable in 2024?

The Democrats and Republicans are currently divided on a whole constellation of domestic and foreign issues. One of which is Presiden Biden’s decision to provide several billions worth of ammunition to Ukraine, including several high-end weapons and equipment and Stryker combat vehicles, de facto dragging the US into a proxy war with Russia.

As the war rages on, threats of nuclear response casually fly about. Moreover, the New York City Police Department issued a video with quite questionable instructions on what to do if a nuclear attack does happen.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party (GOP), and many democrats as well blame Biden for not only allocating billions of dollars to a foreign war but also for putting America in danger of the said nuclear response from Russia.

Trump also lost no time to suggest impeachment for Biden. But he missed the memo on creating Twitter surveys and simply asked the question outright.

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Fellow democrats don’t want Biden for another four years.

Moreover, a majority of Democrats now agree one term is plenty for President Joe Biden. According to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, just 37% of Democrats say they want him to seek a second term, down from 52% in the weeks before last year’s midterm elections. Notably, many respondents took issue with his age over the policies.

Meanwhile, the GOP also questioned the Biden administration’s decision to bail out Silicon Valley Bank.

The President himself praised his team for a timely response to the crisis. Meanwhile, Republican Senator John Kennedy strongly disagreed. He slammed Biden for sugarcoating the bailout that will eventually fall on the shoulders of taxpayers and added that the fiasco would have been prevented if regulators had done their job.

Is Trump a better candidate? Hardly.

According to a recent CNN poll, DOG voters are not keen to reelect Trump either. Moreover, some see his nomination as the biggest obstacle to Republicans’ path to the White House. Al Jazeera reported in January that “many prominent Republicans” turned against the former president.

Republican voters were concerned about Trump’s political prospects due to his countless legal scuffles. According to Al Jazeera, they started to demand someone else represent them in the next election. The abundance of scandals around Trump speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, the CNN survey found that most Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would choose a candidate who agrees with their views on major issues (59%) over one who has a strong chance to beat Biden (41%).

Asked to name the issue they consider most important in determining who they might support for the nomination, 32% in the potential GOP electorate mention the economy, 16% immigration, and 13% cite specific qualities they’d like to see in a candidate. Fewer name foreign policy (9%), government’s size or spending (7%), or issues related to values, morals and rights (7%).

read the survey.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former secretary-general of NATO, commented that Trump would be the “loser” next year. Notably, the former NATO chief serves as an adviser to the Ukrainian government and was lobbying them to supply more and heavier weapons and to make long-term security guarantees to Ukraine.


Is it wise to fund a war between nations that Americans know very little about? A controversial question, as it is coated in a layer of “preserving democracy.” Meanwhile, Biden’s job approval has been consistently in the dumps, and his legislative record is debatable at best.

But who will American voters choose? It is entirely possible that President Biden will enjoy his second term. However, considering the unease around the world, the choice the US citizens make in 2024 will have global repercussions and wide-spreading resonance. No pressure…

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