Bitcoin ETF Inflows Surge

NAIROBI ( – Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are experiencing a significant surge in inflows as the cryptocurrency’s halving event approaches. The halving will reduce the rewards miners receive for verifying transactions, an event that historically impacts Bitcoin’s price. Recent data indicates substantial investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs, potentially signaling growing interest in the cryptocurrency.

Retail Investors Dominate Bitcoin ETF Inflows

Jan van Eck, the CEO of investment management firm VanEck, has revealed that approximately 90% of the total capital invested in spot Bitcoin ETFs since their launch four months ago has come from retail traders. This indicates that individual investors, rather than institutional players, are currently driving the majority of the inflows into these investment products.

Van Eck predicts that the coming month may witness significant investments from banks and traditional firms into Bitcoin ETFs. He emphasizes the nascent stage of the ETF market, stating,

“There’s a lot of maturation to happen. A lot of technology will be developed on-chain, so there’s a long way to go.”

Traditional banks and institutional investors have remained cautious, holding back from substantial investments in the Bitcoin ETF market. Van Eck forecasts that these entities may ramp up their engagement as the ETF sector matures. The potential for growth in this nascent market could entice institutional capital influx in the future.

Surging Inflows Ahead of the Halving Event

Data from the Bitcoin ETF Tracker shows that the net inflows into these investment vehicles have been picking up significant momentum in recent days. On a single day, the total net inflows reached $123 million, with contributions from major players such as BlackRock ($33.3 million), Fidelity ($76.3 million), Bitwise ($24.3 million), and Ark ($7.3 million). Interestingly, Grayscale, a leading provider of digital asset investment products, saw a net outflow of $17.5 million during this period.

Bitcoin ETFs net flows chart. Source:

These surging inflows come as the Bitcoin community prepares for the upcoming halving event, scheduled to occur in approximately eight days. The halving event cuts the reward for mining new Bitcoin by half, garnering significant attention. Historically, it correlates with notable price movements and a surge in investor interest in cryptocurrency.

Inflows Signal Potential Bull Market Continuation

Crypto Dan, a prominent cryptocurrency at CryptoQuant, shared his insights on the relationship between the influx of new investors and the peak of a bull market. As Bitcoin ETF inflows surge, he noted, “The influx of new investors determines the peak of a bull market. As with most investment markets, a bull market ends after a large influx of new investors.”

Bitcoin inflows chart. Source: CryptoQuant

Crypto Quant highlighted past trends, noting Bitcoin’s peak came 9 months after 2017’s investor surge. Similarly, a peak followed 7 months after 2021’s influx. Presently, only 3 months have elapsed since the latest wave of investors in 2024. This pattern suggests Bitcoin’s peak may still be on the horizon. Additionally, the introduction of US spot Bitcoin ETFs might spark more capital inflow, potentially escalating Bitcoin’s value further in 2024.

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