Bitcoin Faces Macro Challenges

NAIROBI ( – Bitcoin, the digital currency behemoth, faces significant macro challenges, according to Jamie Coutts, CMT. Recent weeks have seen a shift in macroeconomic indicators, signaling potential turbulence for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. However, Coutts highlights an undercurrent of optimism, pointing to a favorable long-term liquidity cycle for cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Faces Macro Headwinds on the Horizon

Despite the overall positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin, Coutts notes that several indicators in his macro-state regime model have turned negative in recent weeks. This suggests that cryptocurrency may face some macroeconomic challenges in the near term.

“Currently, the DXY is trapped in a narrow consolidation range. A break above 107-108 would put serious pressure on all risk assets,”

Coutts explains.

However, the seasoned analyst believes that a potential break below the 101 level in the US Dollar Index (DXY) could have a more favorable impact on Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.

“A break below 101 should see a move to the low 90s which if that were to occur would likely send BTC to $150,000 based on previous DXY moves,”

Coutts added.

Bitcoin Price Action Under the Microscope

Bitcoin is currently hovering above $60,000, showcasing a level of resilience despite ongoing market uncertainty. Examining things more closely, two key support zones stand out: approximately $60,000 and $57,000. These zones act as potential buffers, minimizing the risk of sharp price declines.

BTC active addresses. Source: CryptoQuant

The $57,000 level aligns with the realized price of highly active Bitcoin addresses. In other words, it marks a point where a concentration of users previously acquired their holdings. The $60,000 zone bears significance as the realized price point for short-term Bitcoin whales.

Despite Bitcoin’s macro headwinds, the longer-term liquidity cycle remains extremely favorable for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. This consolidation period offers investors an opportunity to employ dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategies, providing a chance to accumulate BTC at favorable prices.


While Bitcoin faces macro challenges, the favorable liquidity cycle and key support levels suggest a resilient market. Investors should closely monitor the DXY’s behavior, as a breakout in either direction could significantly impact BTC’s price trajectory. The current consolidation phase presents a suitable time for DCA strategies, allowing investors to build their BTC positions at attractive levels.

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