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YEREVAN ( — According to Fidelity Investments, Bitcoin is poised for another bull market, evidenced by its reduced volatility and maintenance of record-high prices over the last year. This stability is characteristic of mature assets, indicating that Bitcoin is transitioning away from its speculative early stages.

Zack Wainwright, a research analyst at Fidelity, points out in a recent report that the combination of high valuations and low volatility suggests the potential for significant price increases ahead.

Bitcoin's Volatility Outlook - by Chris Kuiper
Bitcoin’s Volatility Outlook. Source: Chris Kuiper

Bitcoin’s resilience is evident as it swiftly recovered from a recent dip below $57,000, now trading above $63,600.

The decrease in volatility might seem counterintuitive given Bitcoin’s volatile history, but it aligns with its maturing market presence. “Investors have seen substantial gains quickly after Bitcoin revisits and breaks past all-time highs,” Wainwright observed.

Such patterns suggest that while the market remains cautious, the potential for growth is substantial, especially with no signs of the trading frenzy typical of past bull markets.

Bitcoin is reaching record volatility lows. (Fidelity)
Bitcoin is reaching record volatility lows. Source: Fidelity

Interestingly, Bitcoin’s volatility has not only decreased but has done so more than some major tech stocks, such as Nvidia, Tesla, and Meta Platforms. This shift is significant, portraying Bitcoin as a comparably stable investment. In 2024, Bitcoin exhibited about half the volatility at the $60,000 mark that it did back in 2021, reinforcing the notion of its growing stability and appeal to conservative investors.

Fidelity Compares Bitcoin’s Stability With Bitcoin

The analogy between Bitcoin and gold further underscores its emerging role as a “safe haven” asset. Historically, gold has seen periods of high volatility, such as in 1980, but as it became widely accepted as a stable investment, its price fluctuations decreased.

Gold Price Stability and Volatility Trends" - Source: Fidelity
Gold Price Stability and Volatility Trends. Source: Fidelity

Bitcoin is showing similar patterns, suggesting it might be on a similar trajectory to that of gold. “As Bitcoin becomes more integrated into global finance, its market behavior becomes more predictable and less prone to wild fluctuations,” Wainwright added.

Future Outlook: What to Expect from Bitcoin

Looking ahead, Bitcoin’s path will likely mirror the maturation and stabilization of other recognized assets.

As the market adjusts to Bitcoin’s new role and further institutional adoption occurs, we can anticipate fewer dramatic spikes in volatility and more steady growth. Fidelity’s analysis suggests watching for these trends as indicators of when Bitcoin might next surge, drawing parallels to traditional investment behaviors.

In summary, Bitcoin’s journey mirrors that of established assets, growing in stability as it gains acceptance. With institutional interest peaking and market maturity setting in, Fidelity’s insights provide a compelling case for Bitcoin’s potential for significant growth in the near future.

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