Bitcoin vs. Gold

NAIROBI ( – Bitcoin is nearing its all-time high, once again igniting the age-old debate between digital and traditional gold backers. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency flirted with its peak value, reaching $68,828 in Asian trading hours, a stone’s throw from its November 2021 high of $68,999.99. This surge comes on the heels of the U.S. approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds earlier this year, marking a significant milestone for the digital currency.

The Bitcoin vs. Gold Debate Heats Up

Peter Schiff, a staunch gold advocate, took to Twitter to voice his dismay at the scant attention gold received on CNBC, despite hitting its highest price ever during U.S. trading hours at over $2,110 per troy ounce.

Schiff’s comments spotlighted entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s preference for bitcoin over gold, criticizing the decision with a playful jab, “This shark is swimming in the wrong tank.” Cuban’s choice reflects a growing trend among investors to lean towards bitcoin as a preferable asset, a sentiment echoed by the market’s swift embrace of bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

The debate between gold and Bitcoin is more than just about price performance; it encapsulates a broader discussion on the nature of investments and their suitability for the future. Bitcoin’s allure, as argued by enthusiasts, lies in its finite supply and the decentralization of its network. With only 21 million coins ever to be minted, Bitcoin presents a stark contrast to gold, whose supply, while presumed finite, can increase with new mining discoveries. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s inflation-adjusted return over the past decade far outstrips that of gold, boasting an annual return of 44% compared to gold’s modest 2%.

Over the past year, Bitcoin (BTC) surged 198.15%, reaching a current price of $66,840.54, signaling a robust recovery and investment appeal. Its notable performance underlines the asset’s high volatility and potential rewards, attracting diverse investors.

Bitcoin VS. Gold price performance. Source: TradingView

Gold’s performance, while less dramatic than Bitcoin’s, has also been notable. With a price of $2,125.355 per ounce, it has risen by 14.63% over the year. Gold’s value rise affirms its role as a reliable safe haven and diversification asset during economic turmoil and inflation.

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