Bitcoin Whales Under Pressure As BTC Price Sinks Below $30K

NAIROBI ( — A savvy investor, dubbed a “smart Bitcoin whale,” has amassed an impressive 22,670 BTC (worth approximately $1.39 billion) since July 2022, at an average purchase price of $21,629. With Bitcoin’s recent price rise, this investment has generated an unrealized profit exceeding $900 million.

Smart Bitcoin whale $900M unrealized profits

This whale didn’t just weather the crypto winter; they capitalized on it. While fear drove many to sell, this investor doubled down on Bitcoin, showing unwavering faith in its long-term potential. This confidence seems justified, as Bitcoin’s recent price surge vindicates the whale’s bold gamble.

Bitcoin Whales Ride the Bull Wave to April’s Halving

With the crypto community buzzing about the upcoming bitcoin halving in April, optimism is sky-high. Respected crypto analyst Gert van Lagen has even projected a potential surge in BTC’s price to an eye-watering $200,000, citing “compelling technical patterns and market correlations.”

Bitcoin halvings have a fascinating track record. These events, roughly every four years, cut the rewards for mining Bitcoin in half. Historically, this reduction in new Bitcoin supply has often coincided with significant price increases. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, the halving’s potential to spark a bull run is why many investors and enthusiasts watch with bated breath.

The market is buzzing with optimism with Bitcoin’s price currently standing at $62,072.22, marking a 161.30% increase over the past year. MicroStrategy, a notable Bitcoin whale, has fueled this enthusiasm by acquiring an additional 3,000 BTC this month, bringing its total holdings to a colossal 193,000 BTC. Consequently, this move has propelled the company’s Bitcoin assets beyond the $10 billion threshold, amassing an unrealized profit of $5 billion amidst this price rally.

The $200,000 mark may seem like a distant dream, but nothing is impossible in the ever-surprising world of Bitcoin. If bullish predictions hold true, we could witness an unprecedented surge in the value of this groundbreaking cryptocurrency. Whether Bitcoin reaches those lofty heights or not, one thing is certain: the journey promises to be exhilarating.

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