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The American dream of homeownership is becoming more challenging to achieve. Yet, a select group of crypto investors is leveraging profits from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets to fund their first homes. These success stories, showcasing well-timed market moves, stand out against a backdrop of a nationwide housing affordability crisis that’s sidelining middle-class buyers.

U.S. Crypto Investors Become Home Owners Easily

Savvy crypto investors, accumulating digital assets over time, have capitalized on the significant surges in cryptocurrency values. Their strategic investments allowed them to gather enough capital for large down payments, overcoming the 20% down payment and closing costs hurdle that often challenges traditional homebuyers reliant on regular income. These investors’ success stories involve substantial gains, from five to seven figures, easing their path to homeownership.

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In stark contrast to those crypto winners, sobering data confirms just how far out of reach homeownership has drifted for middle-income households across the nation:

Creditnews Research Findings. Source: Zerohedge
  • A 2024 analysis found only 52 of the top 100 U.S. metros were affordable for the middle class, down sharply from 91 affordable cities in 2019
  • 93 of the top 100 metros were too costly even for lower-middle-income families, up from just 33 unaffordable markets in 2019  
  • The most affordable metros for middle-class buyers clustered in the Midwest, Rust Belt, and Texas 
  • West Coast markets like San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles ranked as the least affordable
  • 39 of the top 100 cities became unaffordable for the middle class since just the COVID pandemic began in 2020

This rapid erosion of housing’s attainability represents a setback for the classic American Dream of upward mobility through property ownership. While a fortunate few crypto investors circumvented this roadblock, the homeownership gate remains closed for most buyers.

A Good Time to Turn to Crypto

The crypto windfalls that opened the door to homeownership came from investing in digital assets during their earliest, most immature stages. Take Bitcoin, for example – its all-time low price was just $0.58 in 2010. An investment at that time would have appreciated an astonishing 106 million% based on current Bitcoin prices of around $70,000.

Bitcoin price performance since inception
Bitcoin price performance since inception. Source: CoinMarketCap

For those few crypto investors who bought Bitcoin back when it traded for less than $100, their returns eclipsed even the wildest expectations. Holding just a few hundred dollars’ worth back then could have grown into a six or even seven-figure crypto fortune today. Such life-altering gains easily covered the downpayment and closing costs that priced out most buyers relying solely on employment income.

While extremely rare for average investors to hold throughout Bitcoin’s most turbulent early years, the monumental returns earned by the long-term Bitcoin faithful turned modest principal investments into windfalls sufficient to purchase homes outright. Having bought the dip during crypto’s formative days granted an exclusive opportunity to affordably enter a booming asset class and eventually tap those gains towards major life expenses like real estate down the line.

Of course, the vast majority missed out on those opportunistic entries. But the isolated examples prove how crypto’s incubation as a niche investment opened a wildly lucrative homebuying pathway for its earliest believers and beneficiaries of bitcoin’s meteoric rise from just $67.81 just a decade ago.

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The Real Truth Behind Crypto Investments and Homeownership

Crypto investing has been a topic of much discussion and debate, with some investors seeing substantial gains while others have faced significant losses. When it comes to the ability of crypto investors to afford their first home, it’s important to consider the broader context and challenges faced by many Americans in the housing market.

First, it’s worth noting that the crypto market is highly volatile, and gains or losses can be substantial and unpredictable. While some investors may have benefited from the surge in cryptocurrency prices in recent years, others may have faced significant losses due to market fluctuations.

Moreover, the ability to afford a first home depends on various factors. This includes income, job stability, credit score, and the availability of affordable housing options in the desired location. For many Americans, the rising cost of living, stagnant wages, and the limited supply of affordable housing have made homeownership increasingly challenging, regardless of their investments in crypto or other assets.

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