Craig Wright Admits Editing Bitcoin Whitepaper

NAIROBI – ( The ongoing trial between Craig Wright and the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) took a dramatic turn as Wright admitted to editing his presented version of the Bitcoin whitepaper. This admission has fueled further criticism and skepticism within the crypto community, with many taking to online forums to voice their opinions.

Key Revelations in the COPA Trial

Under cross-examination, Craig Wright admitted to altering the seminal Bitcoin whitepaper, claiming these edits were mere demonstrations for his law firm. However, evidence suggests the edits were made as recently as November 2023 and were intentionally designed to match the layout of the original whitepaper. This casts further doubt on the veracity of Wright’s claims.

The trial also highlighted the testimonies of crucial figures in Bitcoin’s early history, including Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, Marti Malmi, and Adam Back. These witnesses disputed Wright’s timeline of events and interactions with the real Satoshi Nakamoto, providing further evidence that Wright may not be Bitcoin’s creator.

Wright claimed these edits were simply a “demonstration” for his law firm representatives, but the COPA lawyer disputed this. He stated that Wright was clearly “tweaking parameters” himself to match the original whitepaper’s formatting and layout.

This admission of guilt has further cemented the crypto community’s belief that Wright is not Satoshi and has been lying all along.

Craig Wright Continues To Face Backlash From Crypto Community

The online crypto community has erupted in response to the news, with many commentators labeling Wright a confirmed fraud. Popular Reddit user “moonst1” pointed out,

“Coincidentally, this imposter also has no access to the private keys, email, and forum accounts of Satoshi.”

Another Reddit member, “tsap007,” expressed confidence that Wright’s actions have tarnished his reputation beyond repair:

“There’s nothing Craig White can do to save his reputation at this point… He will be remembered by the crypto community as a narcissistic bad actor… who tried to spoil the ecosystem with their lame power grabs.”

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