“Craig Wright Is No Satoshi, Cannot Even Write Basic Code In C++” — Defence In Pineapple Lawsuit

Key Takeaways:

  • The defense filed its reply to Craig Wright’s Amended Particulars of Claim in the Pineapple lawsuit.
  • The defense claimed Wright had no computer knowledge.

NEW DELHI (CoinChapter.com) — Everyone has seen the “I have no idea what I am doingmeme. That almost summarises what the defense in the Pineapple lawsuit thinks of Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin.

Defense in the Pineapple hack lawsuit filed a 39-page reply against Wright’s February 2023 Amended Particulars of Claim. In his claim, Craig Wright said that his company, Tulip Trading Limited (TTL), had ownership rights over crypto assets in two addresses – 1Feex and 12ib7.

Combined, the addresses contain $4.48 billion in different assets, with Bitcoin taking the lion’s share.

The defense refuted Wright’s claims, stating that TTL was never the legal owner of the digital assets in the two addresses.

Craig Wright Lacks Basic Coding Skills

Furthermore, the reply stated that Dr. Craig Wright is not a renowned computer scientist. The defense’s reply highlighted that Wright does not have a computer science degree. While dropouts can self-learn to code, Wright cannot write codes in C++.

“[Craig Wright] does not have anything beyond the ability of a beginner [in terms of coding].”

Excerpt from the defense’s reply in the Pineapple lawsuit.

Additionally, Craig Wright failed the ‘Theory of Computation‘ (TC) course in the Information Systems Security program at Charles Sturt University. The course was the only “true computer science” course in the program’s curriculum.

The internet had a field after the defense filed its reply

The defense highlighted that the cryptocurrency community had disputed Craig Wright’s alleged achievements. Moreover, the reply stated that the TTL founder might have falsified evidence of his scientific acumen and standing in the field.

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The defendants highlighted that what Wright claimed to be Bitcoin Core was actually Bitcoin. “Bitcoin Core is a software, not a digital asset class,” the defendants stated.

The Bitcoin Association and other defendants denied Wright’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto, stating the cryptocurrency community had discredited the claims.

Dr Wright has displayed ignorance of obvious matters concerning the Bitcoin System of which the inventor of the system (i.e. the real Satoshi, whoever that is) would not be ignorant.

Excerpt from the reply.

Furthermore, the defendants challenged that Wright could prove he was Satoshi by simply releasing the original of the white paper that Nakamoto released in 2008. Wright could also prove his identity by using the relevant private key to sign a message on blocks known to be controlled by Nakamoto.

Netizens had a field day after learning of the update in the Pineapple lawsuit. Most comments focused on Wright’s alleged lack of coding skills. However, some netizens highlighted the moderately funny language of the defense’s reply.

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