Explain Bitcoin to parents at Thanksgiving dinner

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) — Thanksgiving dinner may be the perfect place to pitch Bitcoin (BTC) to your parents. After all, when you enjoy that lovely Turkey with your family, everybody will talk about their favorite things. And since you love cryptocurrencies, why not amaze them with your knowledge?

Admittedly, it may be hard to convince them easily. After all, you can’t tell your very practical and hard-working dad that you haven’t held BTC in your hand and yet call it money. He will think you are nuts, so bear with him. 

Like most parents, your parents will likely be suspicious of cryptocurrencies. So, for them to even entertain such a potentially debate-causing topic, you have to grab their attention.

Crypto profits is a good Thanksgiving dinner conversation

One good way to make them sympathetic to your enthusiasm for crypto is to give them a reason to be. Do you know how mums and dads like to feel proud of the achievements of their offspring? Tell them about that. 

Don’t start with the same mundane lecture that will make you look like a Bitcoin maxi. It will force your dad to shut you down. You don’t want to ruin Thanksgiving dinner for everyone with an argument, do you?

If you have invested in cryptocurrencies, share your positive experience with them. Narrate how you turned that $20 investment into a $100 with Bitcoin. Tell them how your NFT (wait, you have to explain what the heck that is) is appreciated—anything, as long as it makes you look like a winner.

Pitch Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies to your parents this Thanksgiving dinner
The Wolf Of Wall Street crypto meme that has become popular among the community

Or here is a better idea. Share your profits with your parents. Just hand over some cash to them. When they ask where you got it from, you’ll know you have them hooked. A perfect setup to pitch Bitcoin to your parents this Thanksgiving comes with a smart move. 

Do you want to take it one notch higher? Download a crypto wallet on their phone and give them the seed phrase. Then, transfer some cryptocurrency to them while showing them how it’s done. 

They’ll enjoy the live demo. Once you have done that, they have no choice. You would have made them join the community. Ha ha. Pat yourself on the back.  

If I were you, I’d explain to them what “HODL” means. They will want to keep their new crypto pets for a long time. 

Remember, Bitcoin is Turkey

If you find your parents confused about why there are so many different tokens, we have you covered.

The Thanksgiving dinner table represents the crypto industry. The main dish, Turkey, is Bitcoin (BTC). If you have them, mashed potatoes can be your Ethereum (ETH). Call the Pie as your BNB, while the different gravies can be the stablecoins…well, you get the point. 

Make your parents crypto investors this Thanksgiving
Mom lost money investing in Ethereum. Now she’s angry at her son. Credit: Memedroid

The idea is to be creative. Don’t pontificate, don’t preach, and don’t be judgmental. Make it interesting for them, and maybe their portfolio will be bigger than yours soon. 

However, if you convince them and they lose money, you risk not being invited to the next Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody likes to lose money.

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