Key Takeaways:

  1. The P2P Foundation celebrates Satoshi Nakamoto’s Birthday on April 5.
  2. What if an Indian kid created Bitcoin?
Crypto Fictions! What If The Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Was An Indian Kid

NEW DELHI ( — Satoshi Nakamoto celebrated his/her/their 48th birthday on April 5. No one knows who Bitcoin’s anonymous creator is, but the P2P Foundation entered a birth date of April 5, 1975, when registering.

Interestingly, Bitcoin’s followers believe the date might be a sarcastic take on the traditional financial system. For example, on April 5, 1933, is when President Franklin D. Roosevelt banned the private ownership of gold.

President Roosevelt took office after the Great Depression of the 1930s and declared a nationwide bank moratorium to prevent a bank run. Furthermore, the President forbade banks to pay out gold or to export it.

The government also ordered citizens to turn in all gold coins and gold certificates of more than $100. Afterward, the Gold Reserve Act increased the US dollar’s gold content from $20 to $50 an ounce. Essentially, the Act diluted the buying power of the dollar.

April 5, part of Nakamoto’s birth date, essentially make fun of the crypto’s narrative about government-controlled currency’s failings.

Moreover, Bitcoin proponents believe the year of Nakamoto’s birth marks the repeal of President Roosevelt’s order by President Gerald Ford, allowing US citizens to buy and store gold again.

So, on his birthday, CoinChapter decided to examine what Nakamoto’s life would have been like if he had been an Indian kid!

If Bitcoin’s Father, Satoshi Nakamoto, Was An Indian Kid

First, Satoshi Nakamoto would have been Santosh Nagvanshi, a genius computer science major at a premier engineering institute, likely one of the Indian Institute of Technology.

Nagvanshi was a bright student and wanted to enter the world of commerce. However, as with almost every kid, his genius meant he was forced to take the science stream when the time came to choose.

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As a result, his parents forced him to become an engineer in a country that produces 1.5 million engineers annually. However, Nakamoto, for the narrative here, thrived in IIT Mumbai, reveling in the knowledge of manipulating 1s and 0s.

Genius Indian kid is Satoshi Nakamoto.
The genius Indian kid is Satoshi Nakamoto.

But, the longing for commerce and finance didn’t leave young Nakamoto. Moreover, the 2008 depression’s impact on the Indian Rupee left Nakamoto wanting to improve the financial scenario.

Patriot that he was, despite being unfit to qualify for the rigorous physical exams required for the Indian armed forces, Nakamoto decided to create a bankless peer-to-peer medium of transaction that the users would govern.

However, being born to traditional parents meant Nakamoto couldn’t share his accomplishments with them since creating a digital currency did not offer a high CTC package.

Raju Rastogi 3 Idiots GIF
Raju Rastogi 3 Idiots GIF

Additionally, the government might look at it as an illegal activity, which would put Nagvanshi/Nakamoto in troubled waters with his strict patterns. For all these reasons and his love for anime, Nagvanshi took the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto for creating Bitcoin.

Rumors speculate that Satoshi’s parents found out about his venture after their electricity bills skyrocketed, which is why the enigmatic founder “moved on to other projects.” This is how the dad reacted:

Amrish Puri GIF
Amrish Puri GIF

On a serious note, whoever you are, and if you’re reading this, we love you, Satoshi Nakamoto. Happy Birthday!

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