Is Pork Coin Anti-Islam?

NOIDA (— The crypto market now has a PORK coin that has nothing to do with pigs. The first question that comes to mind is: In this case, do we call the large token holders whales or hogs?

Interestingly enough, there is little to no information available on the token. Diving into the token, users can see… nothing. The project’s website has a landing page, and that’s it. There’s no tokenomics data available for the token, but CoinGecko records the token’s maximum supply at 420.7 trillion tokens.

The project’s landing page and website.

Moreover, with religious sentiments becoming more fragile each day, a crypto token with the name PORK could raise hell when it comes to investment, especially amongst certain communities.

PORK Coin And Islam: Nothing Halal About It

PORK coin is a crypto that would make devout Muslim investors nervous. The crux of the matter is whether investing in the coin is akin to financial heresy under the watchful eyes of Shariah law.

Shariah law is the gatekeeper of ethical investments for the followers of Islam. The laws examine investments through a moral lens as finely focused as that of a microscope examining a particularly interesting specimen.

The Shariah filters out investments considered ‘haram,‘ or forbidden. These may include transactions involving alcohol, gambling, and, yes, pork.

When a devout Muslim hears of the PORK coin

PORK Coin falls right in the center of this, a token with a name that would make any Islam-lover puke, but an asset class that has made many rich. The memecoin could create serious problems for Muslim investors who love profits as much as religion.

However, despite its name, the token is as involved with actual pork as a polar bear is with a rainforest. Yet traders might wonder if memecoin’s essence lies on the haram or halal side.

A council of Islamic scholars might delve into PORKcoin’s blockchain innards. Picture the scene —esteemed scholars poring over ledgers and code, seeking the answer to the ultimate question: Will investing in PORK coin be halal?

What a possible religious scholar meet on PORK coin could look like!

So, Is PORK Crypto Halal, Or…?

A token like the PORK coin would likely fizzle out long before the wider Islamic community notices it. But to those who wish to start investing in the crypto sector, CoinChapter has just one suggestion: Do Your Own Research, without focusing on religious sentiments.

Besides, PORK is just the ticker; the project’s name is PepeFork, and it is Pepe the frog holding a fork. With no tokenomics, transparency, or uses, the PORK coin has as much chance of surviving as a pig in a slaughterhouse.

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