Japan’s Metaplanet Plans to Sell Bonds to Buy Bitcoin

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) — Tokyo-based investment firm Metaplanet Inc. plans to issue 1 billion yen ($6.26 million) in bonds to raise money to buy Bitcoin.

On Monday, June 24, Japan’s Metaplanet announced its board had approved the bond sale. The firm intends to use the funds to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) for long-term holding.

Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase Announcement
Source: Metaplanet Inc.
Metaplanet Bitcoin Purchase Announcement. Source: MetaplanetInc.

The bonds will offer an annual interest rate of 0.5%.

Metaplanet's 1 Billion Yen Bond Issuance Details
Source: Metaplanet Inc.
Metaplanet’s 1 Billion Yen Bond Issuance Details. Source: Metaplanet Inc.

Metaplanet Shares Soar 11.5% After BTC Bond Announcement

Following the announcement, Japan’s Metaplanet’s shares surged 11.5% on Monday, trading at 95 yen. This marked a significant increase, with its stock price rising over 500% this year. At its peak on Monday, the shares reached 104 yen ($0.65), according to Google Finance.

Metaplanet hit a top of 104 yen ($0.65) on Monday when trading resumed after lunch. Source: Google Finance
Metaplanet hit a top of 104 yen ($0.65) on Monday when trading resumed after lunch. Source: Google Finance

Metaplanet to Increase Bitcoin Holdings During Price Drop

BTC recently hit a 40-day low, falling 2.6% in the past day to $62,733, after nearly reaching $72,000 in early June, as per CoinGecko data.

Recent Bitcoin Price Fluctuations
Source: CoinGecko
Recent Bitcoin Price Fluctuations. Source: CoinGecko

If Metaplanet purchases 1 billion yen worth of BTC today, it would acquire approximately 99.84 BTC. This would add to its current holdings of 141.07 BTC. On June 11, the company bought an additional 23.25 BTC.

Metaplanet first entered the Bitcoin market in mid-May with a purchase of 117 BTC. The firm’s average purchase price for Bitcoin is 10.28 million yen ($65,365) per BTC, which is higher than the current market price.

Metaplanet’s Bitcoin Strategy Mirrors MicroStrategy’s Approach

Metaplanet’s strategy has been compared to American software company MicroStrategy. MicroStrategy holds 214,400 BTC, valued at $13.4 billion, according to Bitbo data.

Leading Public Companies Holding Bitcoin. Source: Bitbo data

Both companies focus heavily on BTC as a primary asset. Metaplanet’s recent activities show its intent to build its Bitcoin reserves.

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