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YEREVAN ( – An intriguing incident! An anonymous wallet spent around $66,000, equivalent to 1.5 Bitcoin, to leave an inscription. Almost 9 megabytes of encrypted data onto the Bitcoin blockchain with unknown content. The user accomplished it through 332 transactions. While some of these transactions were quite expensive, costing thousands of dollars each, the majority hovered around $200.

Bitcoin inscription
Bitcoin inscription. Source: X

Why? Who knows! But before we start wild-guessing, let’s look at the not-so-funny facts.

Bitcoin Inscription Content Unknown

As mentioned, the content of the data remains a mystery, as it is encrypted and unreadable. This intriguing act has sparked various speculations and discussions within the cryptocurrency community.

The Ordinals protocol was used to enable this process, which allows for the embedding of data into individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Ordinals are typically used for storing art directly on-chain, but they can also be utilized for inscribing any type of data, including encrypted text.

This case isn’t the only recent unusual use of the Bitcoin blockchain. There was also an incident where an anonymous wallet transferred $1.2 million to the Genesis wallet associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin. Since Nakamoto’s wallets have been inactive since 2010, it’s likely that these funds are irretrievable.

The inscription content won’t likely be evident for a while. So, no one can hold us from a hit parade of craziest suggestions. Here we go.

What Can The Message Be About?

The Ultimate Recipe for Bitcoin Brownies: A secret recipe for the most expensive and exclusive brownies, where each ingredient is a metaphor for a different aspect of blockchain technology. Imagine “Mix in two cups of decentralized flour, and a pinch of cryptographic salt…”

A Galactic Treasure Map: A detailed map leading to a hidden treasure located on a distant moon, complete with riddles and coordinates that only the most intrepid space pirates can solve.

A Secret Message to Time Travelers. The Bitcoin inscription could contain instructions for future time travelers on how to navigate the peculiarities of the early 21st century, with advice like “Avoid arguing about cryptocurrency on social media – it’s a temporal paradox trap!”

The World’s Longest Joke! A joke so long and intricate, it could only live on the Bitcoin blockchain. Oh, and plus, once someone manages to decrypt it, they would be able to read the punchline! Potentially sparking a global race to crack the code for a good laugh.

A Collection of Cat Memes. An encrypted digital vault containing the ultimate collection of rare and exclusive cat memes. It’s very 21st-century to use advanced tech, such as Bitcoin inscriptions to admire feline memes… Future civilizations will uncover it as a testament to our broken internet culture.

A Futuristic Scavenger Hunt. Clues for a global scavenger hunt set in the future, with each clue leading to a location significant in the history of technology and cryptocurrencies.

The World’s First Blockchain Novel. An entire novel written on the blockchain, each chapter encrypted and inscribed in separate transactions, turning the blockchain into a cosmic library. Isn’t it poetic? A Bitcoin inscription about Bitcoin….

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