PancakePoll ($PPOLL), a leading platform for discovering the best crypto gems, is delighted to announce the imminent launch of its DuckArmy play-to-earn NFT game and second token ($QUACK).

The gaming Metaverse will introduce a revolutionary way of rewarding players, with crypto earnings distributed in multiple tokens including $QUACK, $PPOLL, BNB, and more.

The user-owned game brings an enjoyable playing experience while offering all players an opportunity to earn through NFTs. The main in-game asset is the DuckArmy NFT, an ERC-721 token that grants users access to the gaming ecosystem. Holders of these rare and unique NFTs can trade them for crypto in the marketplace or transfer and hold them in any web3 wallet.  

What’s more, the game developers are working on an NFT Earn feature which allows users to hold a new kind of digital collectible dubbed “Duck Egg” and hatch it to bag a valuable Duck NFT. 

Holders can stake their collectibles in the platform’s NFT Staking Pool and earn free $PPOLL and other tokens. DuckArmy users simply need to play the main game and earn high crypto yields with APRs of up to 1000% in NFT staking.

The $QUACK Token Presale Is Launching on Pinksale

PancakePoll will launch its $QUACK token in February 2022 in a pre-sale hosted on the Pinksale Launchpad platform. All participants in the fundraiser must complete this form to get whitelisted before the NFT airdrop.

The drop will offer tokens at a rate of 1 BNB per 600, 000 $QUACK to 250 participants with the highest number of entries and 250 randomly selected folks. Following the pre-sale, gaming and crypto enthusiasts will be able to purchase NFTs on the Marketplace using $PPOLL, $QUACK, WBNB, USDT, and BUSD.

PancakePoll’s second token and DuckArmy NFT game launch is expected to attract thousands of new users to the PancakePoll platform, helping to build a strong community of ducklings. 

Moreover, the DuckArmy game introduces an additional burning mechanism layer that helps $PPOLL maintain its deflationary status. 

The $PPOLL token is the primary in-game token that enables users to join the game, bag free NFT rewards, and participate in voting. Therefore, utility and demand for $PPOLL are set to skyrocket after the game’s launch, driving up trading volume and value over time.

To guarantee the security and efficiency of their new gaming Metaverse, the DuckArmy NFT developers have submitted their smart contract for a thorough audit.

About PancakePoll

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