SARMASWAP, a deflationary cryptocurrency developed on the Binance Smart Chain, plans to create a robust network offering a next-generation decentralized swapping function.  The project has come up with numerous ways to offer benefits for holders. The token is the first phase in the Sarmaswap decentralized exchange with its blockchain. The DeFi protocol framework will host multiple features built to benefit the average trader. 

The trading platform will also integrate an autonomous yield and liquidity protocol that will include a web 3.0 platform. Using the network, traders can trade digital coins, NFTs, and other derivatives. The world-class security protocol aims to offer users seamless DeFi transactions with the fastest execution and the cheapest one-time exchange fees. Since every transaction on the Sarmaswap blockchain is peer to peer, token swaps can be executed at near-zero gas fees.

SARMASWAP’s developers strive to create the most transparent and authentic DeFi exchange that accommodates as many mainstream traders as possible. They have adopted a non-custodial, escrow-free architecture with no deposits to guarantee investors that the price they see is the price they get. 

The SARMASWAP Presale is Live!

DeFi traders have the chance to hold SARMASWAP tokens and earn lucrative rewards. The developers burned 50% of the total coin supply upon launch to help SARMASWAP achieve its hyper-deflationary status. 

Participants in the ongoing presales will grab a BSC gem with X1000 growth potential that rewards holders with 5% per transaction. What’s more, the protocol burns 2% of tokens during each transaction, constantly adding value for coin holders. You can follow the presale here.

SARMASWAP will have a lot of utility in the Sarmaswap ecosystem, allowing holders to get a 5% reward each time someone makes a transaction. What’s more, holders will be able to generate passive income streams by staking their tokens to earn the highest APY. 

Sarmaswap is on a mission to grow the fastest community in the DeFi space with the team estimating that the community will reach 3 million holders by Q1 of 2023.  

About Sarmaswap DeFi Protocol

Sarmaswap provides a transparent platform that facilitates DeFi transactions with the quickest execution, the cheapest one-time transaction charge, and near-zero gas fees to foster widespread DeFi adoption.

The protocol offers its native token (SARMASWAP) that rewards risk-takers who buy and HODL. Coin holders are rewarded with 5% each time someone makes a transaction. Meanwhile, regular token burns help increase the value of holders’ assets.

The project’s excellent tokenomics create a sustainable project with the fastest growing community in the DeFi world. The protocol has locked 40% of the token supply to protect investors from a rug pull.

Get ready to join the SARMASWAP rocket as it goes all the way to the moon! To connect with the community and stay updated on the ongoing presales and other developments on Sarmaswap, check out the links below:

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