Key Takeaways:

  • Apple has released the latest iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max versions
  • An investment in Bitcoin instead of an iPhone has proven to be profitable in the past
  • Given the option, users should opt for investing in BTC rather than buying an iPhone
Apple has released its latest iPhone 15 series. Should users buy Bitcoin (BTC) instead?

YEREVAN ( — Apple has unveiled its latest flagship iPhones, namely the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Like in previous instances, the launch has created enough buzz all over the world. However, as people rush to pre-order their new phones, Bitcoin (BTC) supporters are using the event to make a case for cryptocurrencies.

The iPhone 15 Pro kicks off at $999, offering 128GB of storage. The Pro Max, on the other hand, begins at $1,199, providing a generous 256GB of storage. 

But is it worth it? Should you spend that much money on the phone? Well, if you need a new phone and can afford it, sure. After all, why not spend your hard-earned money on things that make you happy? Yes, it may mean you are becoming a victim of the consumerist culture, as some have pointed out, but then, when is that a crime? 

However, when faced with the choice between buying an iPhone and buying a Bitcoin (BTC), should you still go with the former? Perhaps not. 

Bitcoin (BTC) in an investment

Are you already tired of people telling you that you should stop buying unnecessary things and invest the money instead? Well, you are in bad luck. I am almost about to tell you the same thing. 

Of course, I am no one to decide what is “unnecessary” for you, but let me still make a case for Bitcoin. 

No doubt, iPhones are great. But there are hundreds of phones in the market that you can purchase at a fraction of its price. If a phone is all you need, then don’t buy an Apple iPhone. If you are after the “cool” factor, what’s cooler than owning a nice purse of BTC? Even the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max is no match.

Should you buy the New Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max or invest in Bitcoin? The price of BTC has increased over the years, making it a better investment option.
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has increased over the years.

On a serious note, your iPhone will get old, perhaps broken or lost. In any case, Apple will release a new one next year, and the price of your phone will tank. Keeping it new won’t help either. Its value is never going to be appreciated. 

On the contrary, your BTC investment will grow multifold. So, instead of spending the extra $100+ you have on an iPhone, why not buy Bitcoin?

It’s all about making money, not spending it

As I already mentioned, investing in Bitcoin is an opportunity to make money. On the contrary, iPhones are a quick way to shell out funds.

Perhaps this graph created by BTC investor Sylvain Saurel will help explain my point. 

Should you buy the New Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max or invest in Bitcoin? The price of BTC has increased over the years, making it a better investment option.
Buying BTC every time a new iPhone came out has historically proven to be a good decision. Pic Credit: Sylvain Saurel

The chart shows how much profit one could make if, instead of buying the phone, people had purchased BTC. 

“If you had bought BTC on November 3, 2017, instead of the $999 of the iPhone X, today you’d have the equivalent of $3,585 in your pocket, an increase of +258%,” 

 Saurel argues.

It is the same in every instance of a new iPhone release except for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which came out in 2013. At the time of its release, Bitcoin was experiencing a bull run. Its price stood above the $42,000. 

While the BTC price has tanked since then, it will certainly recover the nearly 40% loss.

In all other cases, those who opted for BTC over iPhone are in huge profits. The same will be the case for the latest iPhone 15 series. 

So, if you must choose between the two, go for Bitcoin. In any case, if you are buying the phone, try to invest in BTC too. The strategy will help you get back at least what you spent on the iPhone. 

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