The French company StackinSat is a tremendous success. Its user base has almost tripled in a month with 2,600 accounts created today. The company is looking to expand its project in Europe and is expected to raise funds soon. It has also just obtained € 90,000 in the form of a loan of honor thanks to the device Nouvelle Aquitaine Priming.

As a reminder, the company StackinSat is a recent French company, registered with the French stock exchange regulator in with the status PSAN, which offers crypto-investors a savings plan Bitcoin from 10 €.

The latter allows to invest in the token through an entity regulated and authorized by the AFM by following the method of recurring investment, also called Dollar Cost Average tactic or DCA, which allows to invest little by little in Bitcoin and thus smooth the entry price.

A fundraising open to Business Angels

While the company wants to expand its services in Europe, it is preparing its first capital raising that it intends to open to business angels.

« To complete our round, we will open a part of the capital for business angels wishing to invest directly in Bitcoin. This would be a first in Europe ! “says Jonathan Herscovici, President and Co-Founder of StackinSat.

The company mainly hopes to obtain financial support from investment funds that focus on FinTech but also demonstrate an interest in the cryptocurrency universe.

The French company already seduces and gets a financing of €90,000

The idea behind the 100% Bitcoin platform that allows to smooth the purchase price of BTC tokens over time, in order to optimize its placement in the first cryptocurrency on the market, appealed to the jury of New Aquitaine Priming who granted him a loan of honor.

« The jury of Nouvelle Aquitaine Priming, unanimously granted a financing of € 90,000 to StackinSat in the form of an honorary loan to accompany its strong growth and ambition “explains the company in a press release.