International Women’s Day featuring top crypto professionals

NOIDA ( — On International Women’s Day, CoinChapter celebrates women, nay, the queens of the cryptocurrency universe or the crypto queens.

There was a time when women in crypto faced challenges, including but not limited to the gender gap. Many users believed that the investment sector, in general, was mostly male-dominated. However, times have changed, and women are now among the leaders of the crypto sector.

Linda Xie is Our Top Crypto Queen This International Women’s Day

Linda Xie, the co-founder and managing director of Scalar Capital, has been a prominent figure in the crypto world and for sure deserves a spot on our International Women’s Day list. Before founding Scalar Capital, Linda was an early employee and product manager at Coinbase, where she developed internal tools encompassing compliance, fraud, and finance systems.

With a background as a portfolio risk analyst at AIG and a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, Xie spent her time advising and investing in blockchain companies.

Notably, she was listed in Forbes 2019 30 Under 30, showcasing her influence and contributions to the field​​​​​​.

Arianna Simpson — Take a Bow, Ma’am

Arianna Simpson, the managing partner and co-founder at Autonomous Partners, deserves a spot in CoinChapter’s top crypto queen list this International Women’s Day. If you think that’s not the case, slap yourself! 😁

Simpson has earned a reputation as a keen investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Before founding Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, Arianna was a product manager at BitGo.

Moreover, Simpson is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz (yes the same investment firm that has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of exposure in the crypto sector; you can tell Simpson is the brain behind their crypto expansion strategy.

Simpson has dual degrees in International Politics and Spanish from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University. She has often advocated investing in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain-based companies.

Cathie Wood — The Boldest and The Most Innovative

ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency sector, with her firm recently launching a spot Bitcoin ETF. So why wouldn’t she be on our International Women’s Day list!

The Wall Street veteran spots cryptocurrencies for what they are: innovative assets having the ability to transform the financial system. She also boasts Bitcoin for its inflation-protection properties, a sentiment that often meets criticism among her peers. Still, Wood is standing strong to her views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Under her leadership, ARK Invest has poured money into crypto-related companies and proposed ETFs to make digital assets accessible to more investors. Her bullish stance and investment moves have made her a key figure among crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Wood predicts Bitcoin to reach $1.5 million by 2030. And boy, we believe her!

Hester Pierce — The One And Only Crypto Mom

Hester Peirce is a commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an organization that almost no one in the crypto sector likes. Yet Pierce’s outlook toward cryptocurrency regulation has earned her the nickname “Crypto Mom,” making her a worthy addition to our list of crypto queens.

Peirce has advocated for a more nuanced regulatory approach to crypto, proposing a three-year safe harbor period for token sales to encourage innovation while protecting investors.

Moreover, The ‘Crypto Mom‘ was key in getting approval for spot Bitcoin ETFs. The SEC commissioner has also called for regulatory clarity for the sector.

Dovey Wan — This International Women’s Day List is Incomplete Without Her

Our International Women’s Day list cannot be completed without Dovey Wan.

Dovey Wan is a prominent venture capitalist and an expert on the cryptocurrency markets, particularly in Asia. She co-founded Primitive Ventures, which focuses on blockchain and crypto investments.

The crypto community recognizes Wan for her deep insights into the crypto world’s technological, regulatory, and market dynamics. She often shares her analysis on social media, primarily bridging the gap between the crypto industry and investors.

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