YEREVAN ( – The crypto market crashed hard and rained on our parade. New investors took the downturn especially hard, which, as usual, spawned a wave of crypto memes to take the edge off and approach the empty pockets with some humor.

Here are a few crypto memes that sum up the bear market. Kick back and have some bitter laughs.

#5 Missed expectations

Yes, we all hoped for a bullish market. Lo and behold, bears took everybody else to the cleaners and shaved big bucks off the portfolios. Feel the cringe from the crypto meme below? If not, put some money in Terra 2.0, like our next meme heroes, and don’t forget to squint when you hit the grinder!

my crypto portfolio 2022

#2 Terra ruined it!

Who’s NOT mad at Terra for dropping the ball? Show of hands! Nobody? Well, maybe that’s because the company ultimately cost investors over $45 billion in losses and sent the crypto market into a downward spiral. Also, the company made shady attempts to recover. How shady? They launched Terra 2.0 and, lo and behold, investors lined up. Again.

Terra ruined it

#3 ‘Real’ value

As Terra made a huge splash, causing investors to check their blood pressure one too many times, the return begs the question: is Terra 2.0 really worth it? The crypto meme below summarizes the situation perfectly. Ignore the toe, and focus on the underlying message if you can.

Terra Classic crypto meme

#4 The pain is real

Terra 2.0 may not be the best recipe for generational wealth, but the pain and stress are very real. Remember how you cried yourself to sleep? Well, the mirror sees it all, buddy. Take a long look, and don’t let emotions get in the way of smart trading!

Crypto meme

Take a break, drink some coffee, and stop sweating the small stuff. And also, don’t be like our next meme.

#5 Chill and don’t go medieval

Remember, blockchain technology is just starting off. The chances are the world economy will adopt their use eventually, so there is no need to beat yourself up over day-to-day losses. Although, it’s important to remember the golden rule: Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Bitcoin meme

NOTE: No matter how much money you lose, don’t take the crypto meme above as a lobotomy tutorial!

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