US Treasury’s Latest NRA Report Could Be Bullish For Bitcoin- Here’s Why

NOIDA ( — The US Treasury released the 2024 National Risk Assessment (NRA) report, and it could potentially become a bullish cue for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The report sheds light on the current landscape of money laundering and terrorist financing. Interestingly, the report stated that traditional methods like cash remain the primary vehicle for illicit financial activities. Being a means of illicit financial activities has long been an accusation against Bitcoin and other cryptos.

However, the latest NRA report could potentially bolster the case for Bitcoin’s innocence. Moreover, the report could be positive for Bitcoin, similar to the impact of the Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin interview

Traditional Finance and Illicit Activities: Cash Still Reigns Supreme

The report from the US Treasury Department emphasized cash remained the favorite choice for money laundering and terrorist financing. Yet, regulators like the SEC and Gary Gensler have always alleged Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were the root of evil finance. Oh, the irony!

The anonymity, ubiquity, and stability of cash make it illicit elements’ preferred choice. As such, cash has ‘overshadowed‘ the use of digital currencies in criminal activities​​​​.

Treasury NRA Report Bullish Bitcoin
The Treasury’s report stated cash remained launderer and terrorist’s favorite.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities is ‘far below‘ cash, the Treasury’s findings highlight.

However, the report acknowledges the misuse of cryptocurrencies in ransomware, scams, drug trafficking, and other illegal operations. Yet, Treasury analysts also highlighted the increasing efforts to regulate and monitor digital asset transactions to prevent exploitation​​.

Impact Of Treasury Report On Bitcoin And Other Cryptos

Meanwhile, the Treasury’s latest NRA report could serve as a bullish signal for Bitcoin for several reasons. First, suggesting that the sector is not as deeply entwined with illicit activities as some critics claim negates some negative stigma against Bitcoin.

Moreover, by clarifying the relative scale of misuse between cash and cryptocurrencies, the report could help improve public and regulatory perception of digital assets​​.

Second, the focus on cash as the primary tool for illicit finance underscores the potential for cryptocurrencies to offer more transparent and traceable alternatives to traditional financial systems.

Treasury NRA Report Bullish Bitcoin
Memes started doing the rounds following the Treasury report.

Blockchain technology, with its inherent transparency and auditability, could become a valuable tool in the fight against financial crime.

Finally, the report could help create a more balanced regulatory approach towards Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Rather than imposing broad, restrictive measures that stifle innovation, regulators might develop frameworks that harness the benefits of cryptocurrencies while mitigating their risks.

Regulatory clarity could help attract more institutional and retail investors to the cryptocurrency market, driving demand and potentially boosting prices.

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