The MetaBitcoin Foundation announced, “We are upgrading our 500,000 hashrate miners to 2 million hashes.”

According to the materials distributed by the MetaBitcoin Foundation, MetaBitcoin (MBTC) is a project that was selected as the first investment of the Alawad Fund, Dubai’s first royal crypto fund, and the foundation does not own any coins. It explained that because of these fairness, various miners around the world participated in mining as well. 

Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed then unveiled a national metaverse strategy aimed at promoting new technology innovation on his Twitter account, adding that the strategy will increase five times the number of metaverse-related companies in the UAE over the next five years and support 40,000 virtual jobs. 

MetaBitcoin said “mined through minting centered on NFT miners from graphic card-centered Bitcoin mining, and NFT miners can be sold. NFT miners can mine until all 21 million Metabitcoins are mined.” 

The Metabitcoin Foundation said, “It started in the sense of inheriting all of Bitcoin’s economies and spirits, and various global KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) are currently voluntarily active.”