ChangeNOW has announced an update to its fixed rates on its cryptocurrency exchange platform. The changes relate to the interface, transaction time, exchange limits and rate size in a fixed rate exchange.

Fixed-rate exchanges will now be processed with increased speed, without any decrease in the level of security for each of the 211 crypto-assets that support the fixed-rate feature. These include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Cardano, Doge and Ripple. ChangeNOW stated that it will continue to add new tokens to this list.

The update also includes several interface adjustments. When a ChangeNOW customer accepts a fixed rate, the clock is set to 2 minutes to create a transaction and an additional 20 minutes to send a deposit after the transaction is created. Now the time is indicated in the calculator just above the box of the final amount of the exchange. A small padlock icon in this box allows ChangeNOW users to choose whether they want to use the fixed rate option or stay with the floating rate. The same icons on the supported currencies page mark the 211 tokens available for a fixed rate exchange.

According to Mike Ermolaev, Head of Public Relations at ChangeNOW, this decision will give users greater freedom of choice in the exchange of their funds : “Prices and fees in the world of cryptocurrencies are always unstable. The value of tokens can turn bullish or bearish at any time, even while a trade is in progress. That is why, when exchanging a coin for another crypto or fiat currency, the average user has only a rough idea of its total sum after conversion. The final sum may be larger or smaller than expected depending on market behaviour.

Fixed exchange rates are a way to change this situation and make the whole process more comfortable for users. This new feature allows ChangeNOW users to know the exact amount they will get in the currency in which they make the exchange. Once a user has chosen a fixed rate option, they are protected against market volatility, because ChangeNOW takes all the risks related to the rate and protects them from rate fluctuations. However, this feature is optional, we will leave it to users to decide whether they want fixed or floating exchange rates on their transactions “.

Currently, this update is available for both versions of ChangeNOW on Android and iOS, as well as for users of the website. The new benefits also work through ChangeNOW’s v2 and v1 API.

At ChangeNOW

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The exchange of cryptocurrencies on ChangeNOW is fast, cheap and transparent. In addition, users can exchange tokens not only on the ChangeNOW website, but also through dedicated apps on iOS and Android mobile devices.