ChangeNOW, the guardless exchange platform, has officially launched “NOW Tracker”, a cryptocurrency wallet tracking app. NOW Tracker helps users keep track of their crypto-holdings present on different wallets, thus addressing a major headache for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Intuitive and fast cryptocurrency exchange platform ChangeNOW has completed beta testing of its NOW Tracker app. The portfolio tracking tool is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The beta required extensive testing and the development of various features to improve the user experience, which led to a series of improvements and tweaks that were included in the final release. The app will allow cryptocurrency holders to easily track and manage their day-to-day assets.

The application is compatible with both software wallets and hardware wallets, allowing all types of a user’s wallet addresses to be integrated. NOW Tracker automatically searches for data on the blockchain, which helps keep your cryptocurrency wallets up to date at all times.

The responsive, smooth and elegant user experience of NOW Tracker is the result of in-depth and comprehensive market research conducted by ChangeNOW.

NOW Tracker aims to fill the gaps in the market with features such as: automatic tracking of large-cap tokens and ERC-20 tokens, manual tracking of any crypto-asset anywhere, market capitalization data for the first 200 tokens, portfolio composition charts and fiat currency balance tracking.

NOW Tracker does not store any personal data and does not even require registration. Like NOW Wallet, a guardless wallet offered by ChangeNOW, the new wallet tracker app is safe, secure and reliable. Development is expected to continue after the release of the app, with the team apparently wanting to add a balance history tracking feature.

Mike Ermolaev, Head of Public Relations at ChangeNOW, added : “Our main goal, when we add new elements to the ChangeNOW ecosystem is to cover all the bases for our users, so that we can help them with anything related to cryptocurrencies or any question they may have.

We want the ChangeNOW experience to be global, a system where users can solve all their worries or find an answer to their questions without having to leave the app. And the launch of our NOW Tracker is a big step towards that goal !

Be attentive ! We plan to update the tracker with new features and improvements every 2-3 weeks. The central point of these updates is our desire to provide our users with a tracker that has been integrated with all the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the sector and also has a full news feed”.

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a cryptocurrency exchange and processing platform that offers fast, low-fee, no-guard exchanges (swaps). Aiming to provide a privacy-driven, secure, and beginner-friendly platform, ChangeNOW promotes the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public from the heart of the industry.

ChangeNOW offers swaps on its website, as well as on its iOS and Android apps, available on the App Store and Google Play respectively. Fast, transparent and cheap cryptocurrency swaps have never been easier.